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HM3 June Walking Challenge

Published on: 
May 12, 2023

In June one of our directors, Andy Mellor, will be doing the Cateran Yomp walking challenge in Scotland to raise money for Cancer Research UK which is HM3's charity of choice for 2023. The walk consists of 54 miles of walking through the Cairngorm Mountains over the course of 24 hours.

In support of this, HM3 and its associates will be doing a walking challenge throughout the month of June. The target for the month will be to walk 150,000 steps individually, which is comparable to the number done during the Cateran Yomp.

If you would like to support us in our challenge and donate to our fundraiser for Cancer Research UK, we will be following this post shortly with a JustGiving link. Alternatively, if you would like to take part with us please let us know.

We appreciate any and all support given during this challenge, as the cause is one that is important to all of us here at HM3.

We will be hosting more events throughout the year so keep a look out for those to see what we're up to. You can check the News section of our website for all the details on future events here

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